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Respectfully, due to the existence of technical knowledge, modern equipment for assembly of electronic components, laboratory for testing and troubleshooting of parts, plastic injection machines in this group, the company is ready to sign a contract for product design, reverse engineering, internal Manufacture of electronic and automotive parts, assembly of various electronic components, etc. Therefore, to visit or hold meetings between us, you can contact us through the following numbers or company email.


The company, by using the latest assembly technologies in the world and using advanced equipment and professional specialists, is able to provide fully automatic assembly services in the shortest possible time and maximum quality.

Services provided by B.I.G: •

1.Fully automatic assembly of electronic boards

2.Reverse engineering of all types of electronic boards

3.Cnsulting for optimizing parts

4.Make the necessary changes to reduce the assembly price


  • The Siemens HS60 machine has two simultaneous features of very high speed and accuracy and great variety in the placement of parts.

Other important features of this machine include the following:

1.The machine has four Gantry and each Gantry has 12 nozzles with a cutting speed of 60,000 pieces per hour.

2.Ability to place parts with dimensions (0.6mm * 0.3mm) 0201 and above.

3.With the ability to place 144 types of parts on the device simultaneously.


  • Siemens HF3 machine has the ability to assemble parts with different packing.

Other important features of this machine include the following:

1.Ability to place parts with dimensions (0.6mm * 0.3mm) 0201 and above.

2.It has two Gantry with 12 nozzles.

3.It has a Gantry with Twin Head for placing large parts.

4.Equipped with MTC (Machin Tray Changer) for placing parts.


  • The Omniexcel 10 oven has the Nitrogen Zone feature.

Other important features of this device include the following:

1.The temperature of the device can rise up to 350 degrees Celsius.

2.It has 11 upper and lower heating zones and 3 cooling zones.


  • Ekra E5 kneading machine has the following features:

1.It has the ability to adjust the stencil with different sizes.

 2.Has the ability of Solder Inspection.

 3.Equipped with stencil cleaner.

  1. Ability to detect fiducial on board and stencil.