About Us

Beta Saramad Industrial Group (B.I.G in brief) was found in Tehran in 2005; it was an engineering service provider organization in the beginning known as TTG (Teo Tech. Group) at the time, TTG managed to accomplish many great projects in various industries, especially in electricity industry by 2008. Later the company changed its name to Beta Saramad Industrial Group (B.I.G) following the change in its mission/scope of work to OEM electronic design and production such as automotive relays and electronic units for Iran Khodro and some other industrial fields.

B.I.G using the local capable specialists and electronic automatic assembly equipment (THD & SMD), in addition to producing relays and automotive electronic parts, also designs and manufactures special electronic parts and equipment according to the world standards, furthermore, the producing of computer’s power supply, bank card reader adapter’s power supply, assembly of control boards and home appliance displays, CNG pump displays, electronic testers, as well as reverse engineering and localization of electronic units are other areas of expertise which BIG has stepped in from years ago.

The company, using the products of HONGFA co., which is the second best relay manufacturer in terms of quality and the best-selling relay manufacturer in the world, is one of the main suppliers of automotive relays in the country’s automotive industry.  B.I.G also supply spare parts to after-sales service market (AM) under the brands of “B.I.G and Beta +” which are of the most well-known and trusted brands in the market.

To increase the variety of electronics/polymer products and  lowering the cost of goods B.I.G has established a plastic injection and metal press shop near the main factory.